There are perhaps few words in this world that have such varied definitions for each person on this planet like the word, “entertainment.” A topic so subjective yet it is a phenomenon that touches every person on this planet regardless of their caste, gender, creed, religion, race and country. If to some “entertainment” is not complete without faceless monsters and ghosts coupled with blood curdling screams and a dark house, then to others it is not complete without senseless silly antics of characters and their logically unsound yet rib tickling jokes, then to few there has to be romance and steam between the sheets, while to certain people inspiration and/or a social message is key. Then there are those for whom only the classic melodies are “entertainment” while to some the definition of melodies is not complete without wordplay and sensational rapping. The subjectiveness of “entertainment” makes it an element so volatile that no one can be sure as to the fact that will be accepted as “entertainment” today, will surely be accepted as entertainment a few years down the line.

Humanity as a race is fickle minded, even the most steadfast individuals are bound to change their thoughts and preferences from time to time. This makes it very difficult sometimes for businesses, industries and other stakeholders related to the field of “entertainment” to identify what really makes people go wild. They have to be aware of the constantly changing ideologies and thought processes that guide people as to what their subjective definition of “entertainment” is. True and tested ideas are few and guaranteed success is now slowly yet surely turning into a creature of myth as the world of the field of “entertainment” keeps ever evolving.


For instance, the once world of witches, wands and magic that had found a place in everyone’s hearts two decades ago is now threatened by its recent performance in the minds of the masses due to the ever-changing definition of what is in trend and what is outdated. Yet all can’t be said to be doom and gloom in the world of “entertainment.” The fluidity of the constantly changing perceptions of “entertainment” incite creativity and a sense of discovery that perhaps generations of the past failed to inspire. Every day sees a new form of “entertainment” come to the forefront each complete with its unique style of identifying the audiences’ wants. The word “entertainment” had never before incited such a variety that today it has become a world of its own.