If you’re planning on staying in Thailand for an extended period of time, you might need to make a “visa run” at some point. This is a term used to describe the process of leaving the country to renew your visa or extend your stay. While it may seem like a hassle, visa runs are actually a common occurrence for many expats and long-term travelers. There are a few reasons why you might need to make a visa run in Thailand. The most common is about to expire, and you need to leave the country to renew it. And the other is to extend your stay but you’ve already used up all the extensions available to you. In this case, you’ll need to leave the country and re-enter on a new visa.

Thailand Visa

Before you leave to make a visa run, there are a few things you’ll need to do:

Check your visa- Have an update on your visa expiry and what type of visa you have. This will help you plan your visa run accordingly.

Gather necessary documents- Depending on your visa type, maintain certain documents with you when you leave and re-enter Thailand. For example, if you have a non-immigrant visa, you need to show proof of employment or education.

Book transportation and accommodation- Have a plan for how you’ll leave and where you’ll stay during your visa run. You may want to book a flight or bus ticket and a hotel in advance to avoid any complications.

During your visa run, you’ll need to leave Thailand and then re-enter on a new visa. Here are the basic steps

Leave – Have to exit the country, either by air, land, or sea. Choose to go to a nearby country, such as Cambodia or Laos, or you can fly to a farther destination, such as Singapore or Malaysia.

Thailand Visa

Obtain a new visa- Once you’re outside of Thailand, apply for a new visa at a Thai embassy or consulate. This can usually be done in person or online, depending on the embassy’s requirements.

Return- After you have your new Thailand Visa, you can return to Thailand and go through immigration. You’ll need to show your new visa and any necessary documents, such as proof of funds or employment.

In conclusion, visa runs are a common occurrence for many expats and long-term travelers. While they can be a bit of a hassle, they’re also a great opportunity to explore nearby countries and take a break. Just make sure you plan ahead, gather all necessary documents and process the immigration properly.